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Project Carbon Neutrality

What You need to know About it?
Climate change is real. It affects all of us and future generations. It is caused primarily by the production and introduction of carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, a logical step towards addressing the problem is to minimize carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon Neutral means removing as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we put in. How can we remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? We can do so by first understanding our school’s activities.

This first step is referred to as “benchmarking”. It entails taking an inventory of all sources of the carbon dioxide the schools produce. Then an analysis of data and information which leads to identifying options for mitigating the effects of these carbon dioxide producing activities.

The main objective of Project Carbon Neutral or PCN is to benchmark and assess the status of the carbon footprint of De La Salle Philippines (DLSP), the network of Lasallian educational institutions, with the goal of achieving a “green” educational network that is carbon-neutral or better.

At the schools will have a clear picture of how much carbon dioxide each generates from its activities and how much of the carbon dioxide generated are offset by other activities.

This will provide data and information from which administrators could decide which carbon dioxide-reducing activities it would undertake to do its part in addressing this global issue. It would also provide, by aggregating the individual schools’ carbon footprint data and information, an aggregated picture DLSP’s carbon footprint.

As good stewards of God’s creation, it is a great concerted effort to help preserve the environment. It is a meaningful step to survival for all of us and our future generations.

Baseline data and information of schools’ carbon emission will serve as inputs to cost-benefit analyses for undertaking projects.

DE LA SALLE PHILIPPINES, through this initiative, would encourage other educational institutions to take action – resulting in a much greater participation by others in taking local actions to address the global climate change problem.

It would truly be a significant centennial endeavor to be carbon-neutral or better for ONE LA SALLE.