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One Million Trees and Beyond

The Green for LIFE: One Million Trees and Beyond Project serves to provide a venue for more pro-active responses to environmental issues through tree-planting activities and reforestation programs that promote the propagation and caring for indigenous species. The goal is to plant and nurture one million trees by the year 2011.

The past several decades the world has been a witness of the wanton destruction of the environment brought about by man’s greed and pride. Many a time reports hog the broadsheets and newscasts about floods, landslides, global warming, and the like, due to the progression of the imbalance of the earth’s ecosystems. In the Philippines alone, only less than a quarter remains of our old-growth forests. Deforestation seems to have taken its toll and Filipinos at large are faced with a tall order of saving whatever is left and reviving the existing, haply depleting, terrestrial and coastal ecosystems.

Green for Life: One Million Trees and Beyond is a project for the environment driven by the Lasallian Family through the Lasallian Institute for the Environment (LIFE). LIFE is a SEC- registered organization focused on the environment.


Are we good stewards of God's creation? LIFE seeks to fulfill our roles as responsible stewards, aim to educate children and others in Natural Resources Management (NRM). The aim is to help them not only to love and appreciate the environment, but also to understand and take care of it as well. LIFE strives to provide education with values formation.There is a strong education component especially for the youth in One Million Trees project as expressed in actual and sustained participation in planting and nurturing activities.


In pursuing Environmental Education, LIFE utilized both formal and experiential learning approaches with the goal of instilling values that lead to changes in behavior especially for the youth and its partner communities. LIFE believes that it is through education that people may respond more concretely to the call of being better stewards of God's Creation.

Green for Life: One Million Trees and Beyond!
The project aims to plant and nurture one million trees by the year 2011 as a response to the environmental challenges that the country faces today. Through a tree planting participated by over 400 volunteers, the project was launched on September, 2006 at the Mt. Palay-palay National Park, Maragondon, Cavite. Nurturing and maintenance is underscored to ensure that what has been planted will be protected and grow to maturity. Community partnership with people’s organization plays a vital role in this thrust.Native trees, both indigenous and endemic, are planted to promote biodiversity, preserve endangered tree species and as matter of national pride.Planting sites are located in Luzon, Vizayas and Mindanao in uplands, urban areas, riversides and mangroves. The project is driven by the spirit of volunteerism. Funds to support the cost of seedlings, site preparation, handling, transportation, and other logistics are contributed by business and civic organizations, individuals and grants.

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