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Our Objectives

To Educate Formally and Experimentally.
To Raise Awareness
To Form Values

Organizational Statement

The De La Salle Philippines (DLSP) had committed themselves to the Lasallian Mission of providing a human and Christian education to the young, especially in schools, with the service of the poor as priority, in order to evangelize and catechize, to promote peace, justice, and integrity of creation, accomplishing these together in association.

LIFE, as part of the Lasallian Family, is also committed to provide environmental education and awareness not only to the Lasallian community but non-Lasallians as well. This is to ensure formation of values that will be instilled in each and everyone and understanding on how important our environment is and what it should mean in our every day lives.

De La Salle Philippines Goals

Goal 1: Increase the pool of personnel who are capable of handling on the Lasallian Spirit through of accompaniment.

Goal 2: Ensure that excellent Lasallian Education continues to respond to the changing needs of learners and society especially in the area of academics.

Goal 3: Provide wider access to Lasallian Education particularly to underserved, poor youth.

Goal 4: Promote Collaboration and Solidarity in the Lasallian Mission throug the efficient and judicious management, mobilizaton and sharing of resources.