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"Nurturing the 21st Century Lasallian Leaders for Social Transformation"

La Salle Green Hills High School Department celebrated their Lasallian Mission Week last July 21-25.  The theme for this school year’s celebration is “Nurturing the 21st Century Lasallian Leaders for Social Transformation.” And as part of the institution, Lasallian Institute For the Environment from De La Salle Philippines was invited to be part of the Volunteers’ Fair slated last July 24-25 at the Covered Walk going to the cafeteria.

This event was a great opportunity for LIFE to promote the Facilities and Environmental Programs Management, Lasallian Earth Day, Project Carbon Neutral and One Million Trees and Beyond.  And at the same time enlist student, support staff and teacher volunteers to be part of their advocacies. For this reason students were drawn to voluntarily register on the programs and staff was able to enhance their ideas on the benefits of these advocacies to the Lasallian Mission.

This was a response to the Institutional Target of “deepening the spirit of volunteerism and service of the community”.